Specialists in algae and its by-products.

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About Advanced Bea'a TechAbout Bea'a Tech Advanced

Advanced Bea'aTech (ABT), established in 2010, operates worldwide and takes pride in being a pioneering company in Saudi Arabia investing in all aspects of the marine environment, specializing in algae and its by-products.

Advanced Bea'aTech invests in algal technology which captures carbon dioxide (co2) and produces, through photosynthesis, biomass that can be used to produce highly economical products.

Based on our knowledge, years of laboratory and field experience, understanding of market desires and backed by partnerships with global companies, ABT provides outstanding products, effective solutions, and supportive services.

Algae Library and Collection

Housing and preserving micro-algae, several species of which are unique to Saudi or have properties not found overseas. Find out more.

Algea advanced research

Investment opportunities through extensive research and development, using a variety of technologies and techniques. Find out more.

Environment solutions

Supplying external consultancy, turnkey solutions and a one-stop shop for all your environmental needs. Find out more.

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